Professional Certificates and Individual Courses


Kutztown University, through its KU ADVANCE program, has partnered with Coursera to offer a wide range of professional certificates and courses through Coursera's Career Academy.  This collaboration aims to provide learners with accessible, flexible, and high-quality online education that helps them acquire in-demand skills and advance their careers. The courses cover various subjects, including business, technology, data science, and personal development, and are designed and taught by industry experts and renowned faculty from top universities worldwide. By completing these certificate programs and courses, learners can earn valuable knowledge, practical experience, and recognized credentials that demonstrate their expertise to potential employers. 


Registering for Coursera's Career Academy

To register for Coursera's Career Academy through Kutztown University:

Coursera Log In and Course Selection Instructions.docx

Click Here to access the list of courses and certificates available through Career Academy.

Please note: Taking an individual course does not automatically enroll you in the certificate program associated with it. To earn a certificate, you must enroll in the specific certificate program detailed in the course description.


Personal Development and Lifelong Learning Opportunities

Kutztown University offers a diverse range of extended learning and personal development programs designed to cater to various interests and hobbies. These programs provide opportunities for individuals to explore new passions, develop unique skills, and engage in lifelong learning.

For example, KU ADVANCE has offered a course on quilting, where participants learn the art of creating beautiful, handcrafted quilts under the guidance of expert instructors. Whether you're seeking to nurture a creative outlet, explore nature's bounty, or build financial knowledge, Kutztown University's extended learning and personal development programs provide a welcoming and enriching environment for personal growth and discovery.

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